Frank Arnott Award 2.0 


The success of the FAA 1.0 has paved the way an ongoing collaborative challenge within the university ecosystem that provides students with industry relevant learning experiences utilising modern, pre-competitive datasets from around the world.  The challenge aims provide the students the opportunity to experience corporate “soft skills” like collaboration, effective communications and open-mindedness, through the simulatation real-life exploration programmes where they must be ambassadors of the company and expand their postulation skillsets by promoting diversity of the teams, creativity and visionary thinking.
PDAC LogoFAA 2.0 is proudly hosted by PDAC, the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, a leader in the global mineral exploration and development community. With over 8,000 members worldwide, PDAC holds its annual convention every March, in Toronto, Canada, attracting more than 25,000 people from 125+ countries.  The presentations and awards ceremony for FAA 2.0, will take place during the PDAC convention in March 2020.

An industry where future geoscientists are proficient to solve tomorrow's mineral exploration challenges.
Building a sustainable global challenge to expose young geoscientists to the collaborative challenges needed to find the next generation of mineral deposits.