Frank Arnott Award 2.0 sponsorship

We seek FAA 2.0 Sponsorship as follows:

     Industry Sponsors

As an Industry Sponsor, your contribution will help shape the readiness of our future geoscientists to face the growing challenges of exploring under cover and/or deeper. To ensure a successful series of challenges, we are seeking a three year sponsorship commitment where possible.
There are three sponsorship tiers: Gold, Silver and Bronze.  A Platinum sponsorship will be considered for exceptional contributions to the program.

With your sponsorship, you will receive the following benefits:
Benefits Bronze Silver Gold
Recognised as a progressive leader in the geoscience community. The FAA organising committee has a strong relationship with the key industry/academic associations.
We will actively promote your organisation/company as a preferred employer. The demand for geoscientists is expected to exceed the number of graduates coming out of the educational system.  
Organisation/Company Logo on FAA website and in all promotional materials.
The final presentations will be part of the technical programme of a major industry conference in 2020. The sponsors will be promoted leading up to the conference along with acknowledgement during the final presentations.  
The FAA committee will engage with HR teams to compliment your internal recruitment programs.  The challenge promotes your organization as a preferred employer and provides you with early knowledge to outstanding entrants.  
As a gold sponsor, you will have the opportunity to volunteer a FAA judge. The judges will also be actively promoted throughout the challenge timeframe.    
As a gold sponsor, you will be consulted on the choices of countries that will provide the challenge datasets. This provides the opportunity to support your internal exploration programmes.    
The FAA committee will organise access to the competing students supporting your stature as a preferred employer    

     University Sponsors

  • Recognised as a leading University in the mineral geoscience community
  • Increased potential to attract future students
  • Potential to garner additional funding for internal programming

      Association Sponsor

  • Potential to attract and retain more industry sponsors and student members
  • Provides student chapters with real-life experiences to enhance their career opportunities
  • Recognition as a leader within the geoscience community
  • Potential to expand  conference attendance with the FAA finalist session
  • Making a financial donation to help underwrite the cost of transportation and accommodations expenses for the finalists from each category to attend the Exploration 2017 convention
  • Making a financial donation to help underwrite the cost of the cash awards given to the top three winners from each category
For your generous financial support, you will receive logo acknowledgement in all media - website, announcements and signage at the 2020 session.